Enrollment Forms

The DaySpring forms are PDF & Word. The PDF files require Adobe Reader. 
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These forms have been successfully tested on Adobe Reader versions 5, 6 and 7. 
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 My experience has been that this Cyber Nonsense is cured by rebooting the computer.  
There is a form where once was none.
Cyber Space is such good fun.

Forms can be faxed/emailed & pmt submitted by ACH/PayPal
You can find the early re-enroll discounts for June/July are listed in the Message Board. You will need the codes listed on the YREF to take advantage of these reduced costs!

Enrollment Forms
Enrollment Packet in PDF
1.) Enrollment Handbook
2.) CSEF   /   RSR   /   FIF   /   PAF

Enrollment packet in Word
1.) Enrollment Handbook
2.) CSEF   /   RSR   /   FIF   /   PAF
  • CSEF = Church School Enrollment Form
  • RSR = Request School Records Form
  • FIF = Family Information Form
  • PAF = Policy Agreement Form

The information packet you need when enrolling in DaySpring Academy.    

The 4 forms needed to apply for enrollment with DaySpring.   Each form should print as one page only, except PAF it has 2 pages.  The CSEF and the RSR can not be used if formatted incorrectly and not fully contained on one page.    If you have problems printing any of these forms, please Contact me

Adding a Student to an Existing Family Enrollment
AS   /   CSEF   /   RSR   /   PAF (PDF)
AS   /   CSEF   /   RSR   /   PAF (DOC)

  • AS = Adding a Student Form
  • CSEF = Church School Enrollment Form
  • RSR = Request School Records Form
  • PAF = Policy Agreement Form

  • Print these 4 forms and submit if you are an existing DaySpring family and want to add a new student. This could be a student previously enrolled in a different school program, or a young student starting their first year of school.
    Attendence Report Form
    ARF (PDF)
    ARF (WORD)

    • ARF = Attendence Report Form

    The Terrible, Horrible,
    Awful, No Good,
    Very Bad Attendance Report

    Yearly Re-Enrollment Forms
    YREF / PAF (PDF)

    • PAF = Policy Agreement Form
    • YREF = Yearly Re-Enrollment Form

    Use this form for yearly re-enrollment. All DSA families are required to re-enroll by end of August. Re-enrollment occurring after Aug will need the approval by Administrator and will incur late fees. As usual, there are discounts for early re-enrollment (June/July)- These discounts will be posted on the message board along with the promotional codes required to take advantage of them. Make you sure you are registered on the message board- this is a requirement for DSA enrollment. If you have questions please contact me for help.

    High School Information Packet
    HSIP (PDF)
    • High School Information Packet
    Designed to gather into one concise packet the  information of interest to parents of children ready to earn high school credits, regardless of age.  Recommended reading for parents of  children ages 12 to 13 and above.  Includes a copy of High School Transcript Request form.
    Transcript Requests -- revised 5/14/14
    HSTR (PDF)

    UHST (PDF)

    *Senior Package*

    Senior Package:
    Senior Package (PDF)
    Senior Package (WORD)

    The information and forms needed to request a high school transcript.

    The information and forms you need to request a transcript for those below high school level.

    ***Senior Packages are required of all graduating students. Payment is due by November 30th of Graduating Year:

    Senior Package Senior Package is $90 and includes: Padded Diploma Cover embossed with school name, 1 Standard Diploma, 1 certified transcript, and 2 certified & sealed transcripts.

    Drivers License Forms
    DLM (PDF)
    • DLSEF= Drivers License School Exclusion Form
    • DLM= Drivers License Manual

    Form for Requesting replacement items (csef's, diploma's, transcripts, etc...)
    Replacement Request (PDF)
    Replacement Request (DOC)
    Mail completed form to DaySpring Academy 246 Tucker Ln, Maplesville, AL 36750, Attn: DLSEF for the required verification of current enrollment; include SASE for return of form.
    • SASE = Self Addressed Stampled Envelope


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