How to Enroll

How to Enroll in DaySpring Academy

Take unsigned paperwork to the school or the BOE.
Leave off info on the paperwork
expect me to provide curriculum or books. Read over carefully the guidelines in your handbook and on the FIF form.
Discuss Any aspect of your child’s education with any school person. They are not legally entitled to know your educational plans.

New Families

If you are a first time Home Educator this is what we can offer and may require based on your circumstances:

1. Updated resources for curriculum based on student’s age, ability, interest and situation.
2. Conferences with administrators to help you set up your daily schedules, yearly goals and weekly work requirements.
3. Resources to test a child;s progress that either an administrator or a parent can administer.
4. Yearly evaluations
5. Yearly suggestions on activities, field trips, local co-ops or play dates.
6. There will be an additional charge for these services and can be paid by PayPal to the administrator.

We will contact you after enrollment for further information.