HSINFO– Designed to gather into one concise packet the information of interest to parents of children ready to earn high school credits, regardless of age. Recommended reading for parents of children ages 12 to 13 and above. Includes a copy of the High School Transcript Request form and forms needed to request a high school transcript.

HS Info Packet

HSTR– Form/Instructions needed to submit a High School level transcript request (Non-Graduating/Pre College/Transfer)

HS Transcript

Senior Package– Required of all graduating students. Payment is due by November 30th of Graduating Year – there is a late fee applicable after November 30th!
Senior Package is $100 and includes Padded Diploma Cover embossed with school name, 1 Standard Diploma, 1 certified transcript, and 2 certified & sealed transcripts.

Senior Package

DLSEF– Forms needed to obtain Driver’s permit- Fill out the Top Portion only and submit to me with a Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope. You have 10 days from the time I sign it to obtain the permit, if delayed beyond that you will need to send in a new form to me.  If you are sending the form in ahead of time, please put a sticky note on it letting me know when you are taking your child for their test.


DLM– Driver’s License manual

DL Manual