• Responsibility
    We expect parents to accept all responsibility for the education of their child.  DSA encourages and supports non-traditional academic activity schedules, unschooling, eclectic, and traditional philosophies of academic education.  We highly encourage families to read and educate themselves to find what fits their family best.


  • Policies and Procedures
    We expect parents to become informed regarding the policies and procedures of DaySpring by reading the Enrollment Packet and keeping that information available for review when questions arise, and by checking the DaySpring Academy Discord group for updates and announcements.


  • Communication
    We expect parents to keep us informed for all changes in contact information — phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses.
    We must be informed of prior or arising truancy issues, contact from education officials related to your enrollment in a church school, involvement with any legal issues such as custody battles over home education or involvement with juvenile or family court.  We cannot support you if we do not have the facts.   


  • Additional overseeing:
    Often parents who are new to home education, having issues with the law or truancy or other legal issues such as custody problems need additional requirements such as curriculum requirements, daily or weekly work requirements, Testing on a regular basis and monthly reports sent to my office. We will assess each family and decide on a case by case situation. Please let us know at enrollment that more information is needed.


New Enrollment

  • Enrollment Packet
    Print out the enrollment packet.  Please read thoroughly and keep this information available for when you have questions.  You can access the enrollment packet from the Forms Page.


  • Enrollment Forms
    Print out all enrollment forms.  These can be accessed from the Forms Page.  If you experience print format problems, please follow the instructions on that page regarding requesting forms in another file format.


  • Submit Enrollment Forms
    Follow the instructions in the enrollment packet.  The Transmittal Form will help ensure understanding and compliance with the instructions.


  • Fees
    DaySpring enrollment fees are listed in the enrollment packet.  The DaySpring school year begins July 15 of the current year and runs through June 15th of the next year. We are closed during June and July and will not be available for questions.  

Enrolled Families

  • School Year
    The DaySpring School Year is 365 days.  For more information, see DaySpring Policies and Procedures in Regard to Attendance. 


  • DaySpring Announcements
    We have a Discord group mainly for field trips, announcements and activities. It will be updated as necessary, and it will be the responsibility of the family to check this server for information.

    Please check the server at the first of each month.  We will not be sending out reminders to do so, or sending notices when it is updated, as we try to be efficient and courteous to our admins’ busy schedules.  We rely on the willingness to embrace personal responsibility that our families have shown, and are proud of the results of our trust in our families.


  • Transcripts
    Transcripts are only required at the time of transfer to another school or at graduation.  DaySpring will supply one transcript at the time of graduation, at the time the diploma is requested.   Other transcript requests have a fee.  Fees for transcript requests can be found in the Transcript Request Packets.

    All transcript requests, including the graduation transcript, require the Transcript Request Form.  Please review and print the Transcript Request Packet which includes this form, and follow the instructions for submitting.  The Transcript Request Packet can be accessed from the Forms Page.

    Transcript requests will not be processed until all existing account fees are paid and the applicable transcript fee and the Transcript Request form is received.

    You should maintain and keep the records you will need on your child so that a transcript can be prepared.


  • Re-enrollment Form
    Re-enrollment forms are required yearly of all enrolled families.  These can be accessed from the Forms Page. If DaySpring has not been contacted, these forms must have a post date prior to September 1 to avoid higher fees and un-enrollment procedures.  Re-enrollment after un-enrollment procedures have started will require complete new Church School Enrollment Forms and other processing, and additional new processing fees may be charged beyond the normal late fee.


  • Un-Enrollment Procedures
    DaySpring begins un-enrollment procedures on September 1 of each year for those families who have not contacted DaySpring regarding re-enrollment. Church Schools are required by law to inform the local superintendent of education when attendance and enrollment has ceased.


  • Fees for Re-enrollment
    Re-enrollment contact must be made prior to September 1 for best pricing and to avoid un-enrollment procedures.  Fees are listed on the re-enrollment form.

DaySpring Does NOT Require:

  • SELI Membership
    DaySpring has an excellent relationship with a local Alabama attorney who has served the school and our families well over the years.


  • Statement of Faith
    DaySpring Academy / High School is a ministry of a local fellowship located in Decatur.  As a ministry, it is an inclusive church school, and open to members of all faiths.  Our ministry is to: encourage parents to take back their children and once again become a family, without the interference of a system that has failed to work; to help parents and families to come out of the government schools and become independent learners; to help families and children heal from the labels and abuses of a cookie-cutter system based on money and power and realize their true potential both as individuals and as a family.


  • Mandatory Meetings
    Although DaySpring has periodically sponsored seminars throughout the state and encourages attendance by enrolled families, there are no regular and/or scheduled meetings to attend.


  • Specific Curriculum and/or Methods
    All children are unique individuals and all families have beliefs and needs specific to their own family; therefore, every family’s program is individualized and unique.


  • Work/Tests/Reports etc etc etc
    In keeping with the DaySpring philosophy that parents are responsible for the education of their children, enrolled families are expected to maintain records according to the individual family needs. In special circumstances, DaySpring reserves the right to request/require additional information from our families. .