Discord is a messaging platform that is used by many to keep in touch with others. We have decided to use this platform to keep our community accessible and to hopefully encourage families to interact and find others that are on a similar path.

In order to join the DSA server, you must be enrolled!


Here are the steps to joining our group in discord:

  1. Go to the discord website (click here).
  2. Download discord to your phone or your computer. You can also choose to open it in your browser.
  3. Go to the login section, find the “register an account” button/link. This is free.
  4. After creating your account, click on the link you have received from us via email to accept your invitation. If you did not receive a link, email us for one. Include your name so we can confirm your enrollment.
  5. Once you’ve accepted the invitation, you will have access to the channels in the group. Feel free to browse, post a message, talk with others, etc. Please do not directly message anyone without their permission.
  6. Be sure to go to the welcome channel and like the rules post so we know you agree to our rules. Also be sure to check out the announcements page for any updates with DSA.
  7. Have fun and learn something new!


Later on in 2023 or sometimes 2024, we plan to have waivers written up for parents/guardians to sign to allow their high school children to join the server. It will be optional. This will allow them to meet some of the other students, mingle and chat within the appropriate channels, and even hop on a voice channel to talk, do schoolwork together, play games, etc. More on that later.


Let us know if you have questions or are having trouble with getting set up. Please try the above steps first, though!


Happy learning!