Another great home education experience!

Maria T. is currently a Kindergarten student with your school. In the months I (Ashley E., her mother) have been homeschooling her she has successfully learned how to say her alphabet, sound out each letter and write them properly.
   Maria can count up to 25 by herself as well as write each number. She can add and subtract numbers 1-10.
   We have been learning basic shapes and colors. She can identify each color and most shapes. It is still a work in progress.
   Also, I have been working with her on sight words. She is having some trouble but she is making progress on recognizing words. She can write her first and last name.
  At the moment we are beginning science. I am introducing the months of the year and the seasons. She is learning what fall, winter, spring and summer are and which months each season consist of.
  This what she has learned so far and what I am currently working on her with.. If you need anything else, or any further information, do not hesitate to contact me. I am proud of the progress she has made and I hope your school will be as well. Knowing she is a child with special needs, I feel she has learned more at home with me in the past few months than she did last year attending public school.
                          Ashley E.