James’s Graduation

James's Graduation

We received James’s diploma package. It’s great; thank you so much! Thank you to everyone at DaySpring over these many years for enabling us to educate our children in the manner we think is best. James was the last of our children to graduate so I am now retiring from homeschooling. You had posted requesting information about the graduates. James  will be attending Calhoun full-time in the fall (where he already has a year’s worth of credits thanks to the dual enrollment program). He is majoring in computer programming and plans to transfer to UAH or Athens State. My girls graduated from DaySpring in 2013 and 2014. Caroline went to UAH with an academic scholarship and the intention to transfer to an art school after her first year. She now attends Bethany College of Applied Arts, majoring in Illustration. Elizabeth attended Calhoun with an academic scholarship and completed her Associate of Science degree there. She is now majoring in psychology at Athens State University. All three kids have done excellent in all the college classes they have taken so far, but, more importantly, they are in college because they really want to learn and they have specific goals they plan to attain through the education they have chosen.

Thank you!