Paul Rolin 2016!

The reason I started home schooling is because, the school which I attended, County High School, was not organized.
We were not given text books to use at home, even when we had homework. When we would miss a day, we would not get all of our makeup work that we missed from the days we were not present at school. Also, when we asked for help from our teachers, they would not give us any of their time. In my opinion, County High School is a bad environment for someone trying to get their education. Most teachers were not teaching us anything, because they would stay on social media and use profanity at us all the time. During the time I was attending High School, my mother had to have back surgery and I had to assist her at home, causing me to miss school frequently. Once or twice a week, we had to go back and forth to Mobile to the Doctor’s office. After her surgery, she had to have physical therapy, which meant we still had to go back and forth many times a week. I am the youngest child in my family and the only one to know all of my mom’s medical history, personal information, etc. Even though I had Doctor’s notes and excuses, the school administration would continue to harass me.

Finally, my mom and I decided to look into homeschooling, so we googled various homeschools. During this time, my Aunt called my Mom and said, “I found him one”. A few hours later, we went to my Aunt’s office where she printed out the DaySpring Academy Handbook. I then called Mrs. Delaina Smitherman, the Administrator and we
talked. Then I sent in everything I needed to register for school. Later that afternoon, we went to County High School to sign my withdrawal forms. That was the best day of my life to withdraw from that school!! I really enjoy DaySpring Academy.

Mrs. Smitherman has been really respectful and caring to me. I would recommend this school to anyone, because we are not treated like students, we are treated like family.

Paul Rolin “Class of 2016”

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Paul Rolin 2016